Learning new technologies these days is becoming cheap and easy. Every day I see, people of all ages, finding some content on the internet and quickly starting to build very interesting applications. Just like those “free-time-hobby-oriented engineers”, full-time engineers get comfortable with a couple of languages and frameworks and get…

Working with software development is very challenging. You can frequently change the target business you’re developing on. If you’re starting on a project in which doing a payment is a must-have, then consider this article as your starting point.

Basically, the shopper adds its payment details at the merchant’s checkout…

This is a very small article I wrote a couple years ago. In order to centralise all my personal publications I’m moving it here for Medium.

A user story

As a developer, choosing a right development environment can turn into a boring task. Considering multiple projects for multiple clients, it increases the need…

Rudi Rocha

Software Engineering Manager and Software Engineer | Server Side Trainer | Human stuff as a hobby.

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